tip of the month

prevent breakage!

Wet hair is fragile, so never use a brush or force tangles by pulling. Start by using Alberto VO5® Conditioner for your hair type and towel dry hair. Gently ease out tangles starting at the tip and working up to roots with a wide tooth comb. Less breakage means a smoother, more beautiful style.

product overview

The Alberto-Culver Company throughout its history has demonstrated every year its ability to sustain and build powerful brand names. The company's original and flagship product, Alberto VO5® Hairdressing is still, by far, the market leader in its category after 45+ years on retailers shelves. Overall, the company ranks number seven in the U.S. hair care market and, in a number of important categories in the U.S. and internationally, we are the leader. We have three of the top five fastest growing brands in the hair care category. Beyond growing existing brand names, we've created an environment where innovative new ideas can surface and be acted on quickly. From the internally developed Static Guard® to Motions® ? an exciting new line for African-Americans ? we are constantly looking for unmet consumer needs and building brands to satisfy those needs.